New Team!


This season there will be some changes. I’ll still be riding for the Ski-Doo factory, but this time for Boss Racing. I’m really looking forward to meet the new team! My new teammates will be Ryan Springer and Aki Pihlaja. Both are great racers, which will be awesome to practise with! I’m also moving to Princeton, Minnesota to the Boss Racing race shop in the early November in preparation for the upcoming season I am really excited for the coming season and looking forward to more racing!

Shakopee, MN


Round 5 - Got my first victory in Pro Open! Great day and great thanks to my mechanic and the rest of the team!

Round 6 -  Had a good day, both the body and the machine worked well. Did also get the best lap time of the day! I was third in the final, but had some mechanical trouble and was not able to finish. My teammate Max had his first victory in Pro lite! Congratulations to him!

Round 2 - This round was canceled in Duluth due to fog, but was resumed this week. This was not a great day for me, and I ended up in 9. place.

Winter Park, Colorado

This race was held in a ski resort, which i like! It was harsh weather with -20C and wind, and it was very difficult to see because of snow dust. 

Round 3 - I was involved in a crash in the first qualifier, and was not able to go directly to the finals. Since I had to go through the LCQ, I had to start on the second row. I had a bad start, but found some good lines and was able to improve my position. I ended up in 4th, which I am happy with!

Round 4 - I did have to go though the LCQ this round too, after some trouble in the quailifiers. Was second last out of the start, but was able to get up to 6th spot. Unfortunately, I lost my rythm during a downhill and missed a double - which ended up in a hard crash..

Duluth, MN

Victory in the 2016 Dominator in Duluth!

Victory in the 2016 Dominator in Duluth!

The season opening in Duluth went as well as it could have, with victory in the Dominator. My first race in Pro Open, and a great experience! However, the Dominator is a standalone race, and does not count in the Championship.

Round 1 - This race did not go as well as the day before. I had some trouble during the final, and was not able to finish.

Round 2 - Was canceled (postponed) due to fog!